Natural preparats of Fohow

  Natural preparats of FOHOW 

In view of existing alternative nonmedicine methods: acupuncture, laser therapy, moxa, electrotherapy and others, including natural products, herbs and minerals - in an integrated approach to individual treatment, regeneration and recondition of organism recommend proven products and reliable producers of  firm FOHOW. Phoenix (Fohow)  is an auspicious super-bird that can bring luckiness to people. It is said that people who see him will gain a happy life. Fohow Group, setting its goal at "spreading health culture and bring benefit to health for human being", expects to bring health and happiness to all friends just like the phoenix bird do. Phoenix , absorbing merits of hundreds of birds, with the most fair-sounding voice, the strongest physique, and the most beautiful feather, is the king of birds. Just like the target of Fohow Group, to be the best and the largest company.  Phoenix, a valorous bird that never afraid of difficulties, who has experienced numerous tribulation and tempering in raging flame but always reborn and grow to be the most beautiful and immortal super-bird. Our partners in Fohow Group also pursuit of excellence and never afraid of throwback till we become the best. Rapid effect and a positive result is achieved through the use of liquid forms - elixirs Cordyceps and other higher fungi, which are absorbed by the body in patients with 98-100% effectivity!

Fohow Oral Cordyceps Liquid




Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis – 75%, Linchzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) – 6%, Shitake (Lentinus edodes) - 6%, Bambusa - 5%, Honey – 2% atc. Serial Number: F001. Description:  Fohow Cordyceps Oral Liquid. Guardian of Health, Regulate immunity, Postpone aging, Prevent and fight cancer, Protect liver, Fight fatigue. Cordyceps, as the best tonic herb in Chinese prescriptions since ancient times, is more precious than ginseng and pilose antler. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Its medicinal value was discovered by Chinese long ago. It is highly praised as “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Thousands of Years”, “Monarch of Medicine” in over 70 ancient medical books for its effects such as “invigorate kidney and lung, stop bleeding and eliminate phlegm, replenish vital essence and tonify Qi, nourish the gate of vitality, and cure infirmities and diseases.”

Sanqing Oral Liquid



Serial Number: F007. Description: FOHOW SANQING ORAL LIQUID. Remove Internal Rubbish and Restore Your Health.  Fohow Sanqing is mainly composed of aloe vera gel and oligose, and is aided with more than 10 herbs, such as chitin, chrysanthemum, folium ginkgo, black jelly fungus, Ganoderma Lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis. It is produced by extracting technology in low-temperature, cell wall technology. So the active elements can be maintained completely and absorbed by the body easily. This product doesn’t have chemical and hormone ingredients and is a kind of natural health preservation product.

Sanbao Oral Liquid



Serial Number: F002. Description: Fohow Sanbao oral liquid is made of mushroom polysaccharide as main materials and carefully prepared with advanced technology. The product adopts the unique low temperature extracting technology and sub-nanometer cell wall cracking technology to completely preserve the active nutrients inside and make them easy to be absorbed by the human body. Meanwhile, the concentration method made the taking easier. Food supplement - an additional source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The product contains no chemical and hormonal ingredients, and is rare pure natural treasure for providing nutrition and keeping in good health.

Ganoderma Lucidum, Capsules Linchzhi



From time immemorial by prescribing medicine Chinese doctors gave preference to Chinese Cordyceps which was considered the Emperor among medicinal herbs of the Chinese medicine. Chinese people long before have already estimated and learnt the true value of medicinal nature of this plant. The curative effect of the plant on an organism many times exceeds the effect of the ginseng and antler. The history of the plant use has already been counting more than one thousand years. Chinese Cordyceps is mentioned as “a national medication with millennial record” and “the Emperor of all medicines” in more than 70 ancient books on medicine. Chinese Cordyceps has earned great praise as a highly-effective preparation which gives positive results of curing liver, lungs, respiratory system as well as of regulating the functioning of all human organs. Serial Number: F003. Ingredients: Glossy Ganoderma mycelium powder - 50%, Chinese Cordyceps - 30%, Linchzhi spore powder - 20%.

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