Green food Energy

Green food Energy

The quintessence of the modern age is without doubt green food, sometimes also designated as super food. It comes from pure natural sources with a minimum degree of treatment and its significance is based on the diverse nutritional elements it contains. It is a source of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and other substances which are important for our organism. Whereas synthetic preparations are sets of isolated substances, the individual effective components in green food work in complicated and precisely defined relationships. They work on the principle of synergy, i.e. the mutual interaction of a greater number of substances, whose subsequent effect is then multiplied. Moreover, all of the effective components are contained in ideal ratios which ensure their correct absorption and optimal use. Our mission is to seek out the best quintessence which can still be found in the long forgotten corners of our planet and on islands of pure environment. We then process these resources in an environmentally friendly manner, inspect them thoroughly and pack them while still fresh. Mygreenlife products, the quintessence of the modern age, can be wherever you are. Live your own MYGREENLIFESTYLE!

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The principles of animal regeneration

The principles of animal regeneration

Regeneration is a simple method of caring for the health of every type of animal. It does, however, have its laws which have to be adhered to. It is not possible to adopt the method used with any other product and to apply it to Energy preparations. This would lead to needless errors and reduce the efficacy of the regeneration method. In order for our products to have the optimum effect on animals, it is necessary to adhere to several fundamental rules of which there are two main ones.

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Calendar of use Energy preparations

Calendar of use Energy preparations

In addition to the measurements conducted by Supertronic or the application of other methods which may be recommended for the use of optimum Energy products, users are offered yet another option – usage reflecting seasons of the year. This method of decision-making about what and when should be provided to the body is appropriate especially in health prevention. First, it is necessary to take into account the impacts of infections which are impossible to associate with a specific month; e.g. the risk of flu is usually the highest from January to April and from November to the end of the year. Tonsillitis may occur throughout the year, with its maximum in summer. That is why recommendations for the instances of infections should be always followed. The figures in brackets give dosages in drops, capsules or tablets – morning, noon, and night – and the minimum number of days for which the product should be used. 

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Regeneration in PENTAGRAM


This new, progressive method of regeneration is founded upon the principles of bioinformation therapy and a holistic approach to man. It comes from the ancient theory of Yin Yang and the Five Agents (Wu Xing), into which the latest findings from wide-ranging areas of phytotherapy, homeopathy, crystalopathy and bioresonance are incorporated.

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Beauty Energy cosmetic


When wishing to have a perfect skin, we must understand our body first! Our skin is the mirror of the interaction between the outer world and the status of our inner body. Perfection is the reflection of body´s harmony; individual imperfections are signals of biologic balance deflection. By means of carefully selected most active ingredients, we take care of the skin, provide the inner organism with power and restore the requisite calmness of the mind.

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