Why do we need bioactive food supplements?

  Why do we need bioactive food supplements?

 Natural preparations - bioenergoimmunomodulators - operate at the level of the whole organism, maintaining its integrity and functional unity. They stimulated the organism itself to search the path of recovery and achieve optimal internal balance.

All biologically active additives can be divided into three groups.

Nutraceuticals - containing the essential components of food compensate lack of nutrients and serve as prevention of metabolic disorders, and support normal acidic condition of the blood pH level of 7.1-7.4. Nutrients are not properly assimilated in case of low oxygen content in blood and tissues, even with good nutrition, since the oxidation processes at the cellular level will be breached. When the body's cells are saturated with essential nutrients, also decreases the organism ability to absorb radioactive and toxic substances.

Immunomodulators - a natural products containing biologically active substances that improve the nonspecific and specific immunity.

Energomodulators - nutritional supplements supply the body with energy and acting mainly on the energetic level. They carry on bio-information about the normal functioning of the internal organs. Bio-information natural
preparations in the body is transferred using bio-resonance and has a frequency similar to the frequency of sub cortical centers of the autonomic nervous system of the human brain that controls and regulates the function of internal organs. In this process, pushed out the negative information of the disease and is initiated the reverse process of regeneration of the organism, manifested a specific targeted effect on the normalization of the state of yin and yang energy of the body.

Naturally, the above division of BAA is conditional. Such classification is useful from a practical point of view, especially for those people who just started using dietary supplements.

Preparations firm Phoenix (Fohow) from Cordyceps has all mentioned properties. Polysaccharides Cordyceps - a highly modern immunoregulator. Elixir of Phoenix with Cordyceps, Linchzhi and comprising raises cellular and humeral immunity, has an effect on both functions. Stimulates the growth of lymphocytes, increases the content of immunoglobulin and complement - induced increase in interferon. Also increases the activity of NK-cell - MHC-notrestrigition killer or natural killer cells, constitute up to 15% of all blood lymphocytes. NK-cells recognize and destroy cancer and virus-infected cells. Increase proportion of the immune system as the thymus, spleen and liver and strengthens thus the resistance of the human organism to various infectious, including malignant diseases.

The preparations is particularly recommended for people who have had the disease for a long time are at the stage of recovery, and for patients with poor health who often fall ill and have weak organism resistance.

According to nutritionists for optimal functioning of the human body needs to receive about 600 nutrients - amino acids, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, organic acids, herbal ingredients, dietary fiber, etc. In the body there is also functioning the principle of selective absorption, which is based on a known biological fact that when the body's cells are saturated with essential nutrients, decreases the probability of absorption of radioactive and toxic substances. If the body is not getting enough vital substances such as calcium, potassium, iodine and the other for some time, it begins too rapidly absorb currently available substances such as a missing radioactive materials as similar in structure and valence chemical elements have similar properties. And this leads to what is required purpose instead of a specific chemical element, the body absorbs more accessible radioactive element from the same group. There is a risk of tumors!

For example, radioactive strontium-90, which is found in nuclear emissions and waste of large plants, similar in structure to calcium, an element of one group of the periodic table, is involved in the same chemical reactions as the calcium. The body uses these elements to build strong bones and teeth. If it were not ingested enough calcium, instead of bones and teeth will be delayed radioactive strontium or other similar elements with calcium - a radioactive barium-140 and radium-226. Absorption of radioactive elements will be delayed in the bones, teeth or soft tissue, irradiating the surrounding cells. This can disrupt the normal activity of the organism and lead to future development of cancer. Fortunately, the body acts selectively. Conventional non-radioactive elements take precedence. If all the vacancies in the body occupied by calcium, then it would interfere with radioactive strontium-90 into the body. In addition, at present it is proved that when calcium is present in sufficient amounts, a significant portion of the radioactive strontium-90 removed from the body.

Such process is observed with the iodine needed for thyroid hormone thyroxin formation. If there is not enough iodine in the diet, the body absorbs the radioactive iodine-131, which irradiates the surrounding cells and can disrupt thyroid function, or eventually cause malignancies. More serious problems arise with the accumulation of iodine-131 in the thyroid gland of the developing fetus. This leads to stunted growth and the birth of a premature baby, and finally to an increase of infant mortality.

Below is a list of chemical elements from the book by S. Shannon, "Nutrition in the Atomic Age", which shows how radioactive elements will be absorbed by the body when the main deficiency.

Stable element - the radioactive element
Calcium -        Strontium-90, barium-140, radium-226
Iodine -           Iodine-131
Iron -              Plu
tonium-238, -239
Potassium -  Cesium-137
Sera -            Sera-35
Vitamin B -   Cobalt-60
Zinc -            Zinc-65

Dietary supplements are needed to maintain normal acid condition of the blood pH level of 7.1-7.4. Only with this level of pH of blood and interstitial fluid are normal redox processes in the body. This largely depends on adequate intake of, for example, calcium - King of minerals. Until recently it was thought that calcium is only important for the young growing organism, but recent studies have shown that full security of people this mineral helps prevent 150 diseases, including cancer.

Nobel laureate Sir Otto Marburg discovered the effect of oxygen on malignant tumors. He proved that if the pH of the blood 7,37-7,44 and interstitial fluid 7,1-7,5, then there is alkaline, the tumors do not grow. And in this case the key value belongs to calcium, since it is involved in supplying the tissues of humans and animals with oxygen. Reliably established that lowering blood calcium to 0.5% leads to a decrease in oxygenation (oxygen supply) of tissues by 65% due to per oxidation and decrease in blood pH below 7.1. Pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi feel good, and multiply when the body acidic and low oxygen. In the presence of oxygen not only to pathogenic microbes and viruses can not multiply, but according to studies in recent years are killed and tumor cells.

In addition, at low concentrations in blood and tissues of oxygen, even with good nutrition, the nutrients will not be properly digested because the oxidation processes at the cellular level will be breached.

All this proved the favor of Biologically active food supplements!


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