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speciální diagnostika, komplexní alternativní metody léčby s použitím přírodních preparátů, akupunktura, laser a fyzioterapie,
řešení zdravotních a kosmetických problémů, rekondice, regenerace a rehabilitace organismu, speciální a léčebné masáže.
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Shortly of me and Alternative Medicine


Doctor of alternative, holistic medicine Vjačeslav Petrov, PhD.

Special diagnostics, comprehensive alternative methods of treatment using natural products, solving health and cosmetic problems, recondition, regeneration and rehabilitation of the organism, special and therapeutic massage.

Acupuncture. Laser therapy. Moxa therapy etc.


 1974 - Graduated at the RF Irkutsk Medical Institute.

1974 - 82 - worked as a doctor, then as the head of Department of the Irkutsk Regional neuropsychiatry hospital.

1982 - 86 - assistant of the psychiatry department of the Irkutsk State Medical Institute.

1986 - defended my thesis.

1986 - 99  - worked as a senior research fellow of All-Union Scientific Center of Addiction USSR Ministry of Health and in VNII Health Organization Ministry of Health of the USSR, and as a Head of the organizational separation of Compens-centre in Moscow.

Scientific work in Irkutsk and Moscow was combined with practical medical work, applied acupuncture and non medical methods of treatment. 

Author of 16 scientific works and 3 patents.

Since 2000 living in the Czech Republic in Prague and working as a director of Monados company.

Since 2010 working as a director of Cordyceps company too. 

About me and acupuncture 

I‘m a Siberian myself, was born near Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.  After graduating in 1974 the Irkutsk Medical Institute worked in a regional hospital as a doctor first, and later as the head of the department. At the same time I additionally practiced to work for 10 years on the ambulance.

Meanwhile one of my colleague understanding acupuncture, offered to teach me this new method of little-known medical treatment. During the first year colleague regularly taught me the art of acupuncture.  I have studied the books and special atlases, which at that time was not enough to collect your own library in acupuncture.  After 3-4 years, I felt confident and appreciated the enormous effectiveness of acupuncture in the diversity of the methods of medical treatment employed.

From that moment has passed more than 30 years.  Long 14 years of work in Moscow gave me the opportunity to have a deeper interest in philosophy and psychology of Eastern medicine, to understand the close interaction of the human psyche and the internal organs, to evaluate its unity.  A good doctor for treatment cannot and should not divide people into separate organs and systems, certain disease states.  For the skilled thinking doctor the main task must be to find the main cause of disease and to help the patient to remove it.  And for the patient it is important to understand that treatment which is based on natural resources and acupuncture in the individual approach always yields positive results, these therapies stimulate the body and direct the path of natural healing.  Often the way to the health is hard and long, but the joint efforts of the physician and the patient invariably bring to recovery.

 Since 2000 living in the Czech Republic in Prague and working as a director of Monados company. Since 2010 working as a director of Cordyceps company too.

Dr. Vjačeslav Petrov 


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